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Adi Rotem

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Adi Rotem began actively training in martial arts over 30 years ago at the age of 5. She developed her Thai-boxing abilities in the world famous House of Legends “VOS GYM” in Amsterdam. Adi has a well decorated career in amateur and professional matches and, in 2012, became the, W.F.C.A. Thai-boxing World Champion. She was also the WAKO K-1 World Champion from 2009-2011 and has an extensive record of over 50 licensed matches. Adi became a certified instructor in Dennis Survival Jiu Jitsu in 1997. She was a Krav Maga instructor for the Israeli Defense Forces from 1998-2000. Afterward, she expanded her knowledge of martial arts and competed in Muay Thai fights around the world. She later became a certified kickboxing coach and fitness instructor who has trained hundreds of athletes, including youth and adults, in the discipline of Muay Thai.